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A Guide to find Local Clubs, Bars, Pubs & Events

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the How It Works section here.
If at anytime you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact client services: support (at) where2gotonite.com

Please Note: Our videos were made prior to our re-design/re-brand, but the same great functionality is the same.

Table of Contents

What are your benefits?
Who do you cater to?
I am a promoter/DJ/event organizer/event host/manager/hands-on owner, but I do not have an IPAD2...
What is the cost of your service?
How do I get paid?
The QR scanning software I am using is not working on my computer. (I am not using Ipad/Iphone/Android/Android Tablet Apps)
Why do VIP client's get FREE ADMISSION and VIP Line Bypass?
How do promoter's make money if I'm letting everyone in for free?
My friend's uncle own's a venue, can I become a promoter?
I don't have a cell phone to verify my account, what do I do?
How do I win a perk of the day/night?
I'm not receiving my phone verification code, what's wrong?
How come some of the how-to/how it works videos look different than this website?

If at anytime you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact client services: support (at) where2gotonite.com


BREAKING NEWS: Just unveiled new patent pending technology and upcoming service from where2gotonite.com

We have feature-loaded iPad,iPhone,Android and Android tablet apps on the way and a patent pending on Dynamic Watermarked V-Ticket Technology
that I now have my sales team signing up venue owners (while promoting to clients, guests, managers, DJ's, promoters, event organizers, barstaff and the like who will be using our technology) with pre-sales
at introductory pricing of $149.95/month (venues spend anywhere from $300-600/month on event ticket printing costs -- we're the eco-friendly solution, with many added features, meanwhile cutting costs in 1/4th). Join the Nightlife Revolution.

What are Dynamic Watermarked V-Tickets?

Dynamic Watermarked V-Tickets are
“digital virtual tickets” which are used
to gain entry into venues, events, and one
day at your bus station, even at airports
used everywhere in your daily waking life.

Our technology allows mobile devices the ability to
display real-time (time-lapsed) moving random
“secret visuals” transmitted to both the ticket holder
and “guardian” or bouncer, and is instantly verifiable of
its validity by visual inspection which are unique to
both parties or groups at any given moment or session
and must match, along with the users face and status
colour. The date, time, special code and other pertinent
ticket information are other layers of added security
which is the key to its solidity making it undisputably
the most secure and simply uncompromisable system known
to man.

Our solution is cost-effective, eco-friendly, innovative
and revolutionary. Meanwhile eliminating costs associated
with printing, tracking and losing paper tickets.

Patent Pending 2012.



Learn more here

What are your benefits?

- We strive to make the nightlife for both clubbers and those hosting and managing the events along with their respective venues a pleasant and easy solution where all particpating parties involved win. The breakdown of benefits are listed as follows:

(Level 0) VIP Clients

Priority treatment, free admission (at participating venues/events), a vehicle to give your valued feedback to someone who will listen.

Check the "How It Works" section to learn more.

(Level 1) Promoters/DJ's/Event Organizers/Hosts/Barstaff

Sell event tickets (e-tickets - save time & money on paper printer/designer/promotion distribution/flyers ) fast and easily then validate with new age technology that will in turn allow you to track clients with invaluable data such as male/female ratios, age groups and feedback from those attending your events (and more), meanwhile taking advantage of viral pooling and building an online presence in social media.

Once you find your venue in the system that you want to promote an event at, your event page can look something like these:


Check the "How It Works" section to learn more.

(Level 2) Owners/Management

Improve your business and increase marketing ROI.

Sell tickets online (save time & money on paper printer/designer/promotion distribution/flyers) like promoters and get your business out there in the online world, while boosting sales and receive a higher turn over of clientele with daily influxes, in turn generating more revenue. At the same time, use feedback and statistics and informations we provide to engage your customers while building a solid reputation, and a surplus of business. Giving away daily perk's draws new business from interested potential clients who are all looking to win. (which only one person may win each time) to get them through your door.
Check the "How It Works" section to learn more.

With your venue added and accepted the terms then activated your listing in our system from a "basic" listing (includes your venue name, address, phone and our default reservation card image) to a premium listing (includes basic listing info, pictures and/or promo video), you will have all access to our tools and your venue pages can look something like these with youtube promo video, or just pictures and info (to your discretion):













Who do you cater to?

- We currently cater to night clubs, bars, lounges, pubs, restaurants and all nightlife.


I am a promoter/DJ/event organizer/manager, but I do not have an IPAD2 or IPAD3...

- That's fine, you can always use a smartphone (with our upcoming mobile apps for iPhone and Android), netbook, laptop, or print your guestlist and check it manually via our website (old school)

- Exciting Announcement: where2gotonite FREE iPad, iPhone, and Android Apps are in the works and coming to a mobile device marketplace near you!

Read more: http://wheretogotonight.com/signup/#ixzz1u8WYanEW

Check the "How It Works" section to learn more.


What is the cost of your service?

- Our goal is to relieve and eliminate end consumers or "VIP Clients" of all fees, and make them the appreciated customer because we all know that a business with out clients is no business so it's time to give back "for-the-people". We understand that when hosting "special events" with "special guests" cost money, so we have tied in our paid admission based events into our system with the same great tools and features.

Pricing for maximum advertising exposure for your business (Level 1 and 2 accounts) are listed as follows (you can activate these features via your control panel where you add your venues):

Venue Activation: $149.95/monthly (Automatically Recurring)
Featured Top 2Nite Event: $59.95/one-time for the night (expires in 24-hours)
Paid Top 2Nite Venue: $59.95/one-time for the night (expires in 24-hours)
Featured Venue: $199.95/monthly (Automatically Recurring)
Events: 9% off of each e-ticket sold through our system (lower than industry standard)

Check out Current Pricing Schedule to learn more.


How do I get paid?

- We use Paypal, the most popular and most secure payment processor, which we use to process payment's to and from.


The QR scanning software I am using is not working on my computer.
(I am not using Ipad/Iphone/Android/Android)

- We recommend the use of Quick Mark (http://www.quickmark.cn), FUN2D (http://www.funcode-tech.com), or Desktop QR Scanner (http://odoa.eu/) if you are using a computer/laptop/netbook. Make sure to check for Windows Updates and that you have all the latest security updates, patches and fixes. Support beyond this is beyond our scope.

If you are using a computer, you my also purchase an USB Barcode Scanner from www.posworld.com such as the "Datalogic Gryphon GD4400 1D/2D Imager" or the "Metrologic Focus MS1690 Area Imager".

Another alternative would be to use an IPAD2 with iScan or any similar QR Scanning application (many free options available). All other tablets would have similiar softwares in their corresponding application stores.

The Process: 

1. You Create an event at whichever venue then promote your event page thru Social Media Networks. The client buys tickets online thru where2gotonite's website, the e-ticket is then sent to them via e-mail, which they can print-at-home, OR they can present it at the point-of-entry box office at the event via their cell phone...

2. Login to where2togonite, select the corresponding guest list, then scan their tickets at your box office (point-of-entry) by either a laptop, computer, netbook, barcode scanner, iPad2, iPhone, Android, smartphones, etc. at the point-of-entry at your event. (wide range of devices are compatible. all that is required besides that is internet access to whichever device you choose to use.)

3. Tickets are validated in real-time to allow/deny entry, and we send your money (less our 9% processing fee) after another successful event! Then you can review analytics about your event, such as male/female ratios, age groups, and more. Also receive important feedback from your clients that showed up!

We will soon be launching ipad/iphone and android where2gotonite apps! Stay tuned.

Check the "How It Works" section to learn more.


Why do VIP client's get FREE ADMISSION and VIP Line Bypass?

- We thrive in making the client experience a wonderful and pleasant time by offering exclusitivity and without the need to pay admission. We find charging client's who are already going to spend money to come inside quite distasteful. Imagine if you had to pay to go eat at your favourite restaurant, twice: it just doesn't make sense.

Check the "How It Works" section to learn more.


How do promoter's make money if I'm letting everyone in for free?

- Promoter's usually get a percentage (depending on your negotiations, it can be anywhere from 10-15%) from bar sale's after a minimum threshold (anywhere from $1000-2000 to cover operating expenses) is reached and a percentage from booked tables/booth's as agreed with their respective venue owner's/manager's. If you are bringing in a Special Guest, you can also create an event with admission based fee to cover your accomodation costs.


My friend's uncle own's a venue, can I become a promoter?

- Sure, just sign up for a promoter account and discuss the term's with your friend's uncle, then promoter away but they will have to be signed up with a Venue Account with their venue listed before you can promote event's at that location.


I don't have a cell phone to verify my account, what do I do?

- Unfortunately, you will need to either buy a cell phone, or use your mom's, grandma's, dad's, grampa's: or someone's.


How do I win a perk of the day/night?

- First, you will need to sign up with a VIP CLIENT account, then verify it by e-mail and cell phone number. Once you're verified, you can join a guestlist of your choice, then go to the venue with your personal 2Nite code and check with the staff to see if you've won!

Check the "How It Works" section to learn more.


I'm not receiving my phone verification code, what's wrong?

- Firstly, check to make sure you entered the correct number and selected the correct mobile phone carrier. If you are still having issue's, check with your mobile provider. If all else fail's, please try a different number. Change your number by logging into your account, then selecting the red button that says "PERSONALIZE MY PROFILE", then "EDIT".


How come some of the how-to/how it works videos look different than this website?

- Due to the overwhelming response to our site and premature release, we had our site launched then were quickly prompted by our marketing team to re-brand it (hence, the new logo and layout - designed by Red Dice Media www.reddicemedia.com - Check them out and tell them where2gotonite.com sent you for a discount!) although the functionality has remained the same, we just haven't had a chance to update the videos but the work-flow is exactly the same.



Happy owner's/manager's + Happy Promoter's + Happy Guest's = Happy Time



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